Meet chubby gay men in the gay dating ads. Prepare to be spoiled!Why are chubby gay men in such demand?

You know what I find so fascinating about people? It is that they come in all shapes, sizes, attitudes, demeanor’s and personalities. Just because someone is chubby, doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Just because a person is slightly overweight, doesn’t mean they can’t have a superb relationship with a partner. I had spent years looking on dating sites, Gay Chubby Dating and other places for the love of my life.

I admire chubby guys because they are so thoughtful and cuddly toward their partners. I have two friends named Chuck and Charlie who have been together forever. They are both a little ‘well fed’—shall we say—and they are so romantic toward each other that it makes me warm inside to see them so happy. They are a truly happy family with their three cats.

Chuck is always buying gifts for Charlie, and Charlie is always doing romantic dinners for Chuck when he gets home. They have a very honest relationship and it is really clear just how much they love each other. Being a little large myself, I have not been as fortunate in finding a perfect partner yet, but I look to them for inspiration in the hope that I will have what they have one day.

A single friend of mine mentioned a website to me one day, which got me curious. I decided to have a look and I signed up to their free browsing service GayChubbyDating.com, it made me smile. It showed me more couples like Chuck and Charlie, who are totally devoted to each other. They see more inside each other and it shows just how close they all are.

I set up a profile and put my favorite photo of myself on there, it was free to join and free to browse. Not long after that I had a few replies. A couple of days later I checked my mailbox and I had about thirty! I was speechless! All these chubby guys wanting to be my soul mate!! After checking out the personals all those years, I finally found a site that would help me get the relationship of my dreams. All I wanted was someone to share my life with and give myself to.

Now, I suddenly had about 35 offers! It was amazing. I replied to about ten of them because I had to whittle it down to a favorites list. I chose the chubby gay men who shared the same interests as me and had the same or similar hobbies. I had no idea why I was so in demand, but maybe it was because chubby people are more loving, less picky and more genuine than some people–who knows? All I am sure of is that I will find someone I can devote my life to and share everything with.